Hydrate Your Skin With Coconut Oil - Oil Barrier

Hydrate Your Skin With Coconut Oil - Oil Barrier


Stop fussing over applying cream moisturizers! A quick mist of Lilly & Lola's  Coconut Oil for Skin to your arms and legs after the shower will create a light, defensive barrier to keep your skin irresistably touchable.

Our Oil Barrier is known for its hydrating, smoothing, and rejuvenating properties. It leaves skin looking nourished, youthful, and beautiful. This ‘miracle’ moisturizer is made with only the highest quality, pure coconut oils, and is guaranteed to leave your skin soft and hydrated all day long. Coconut oil is renown for its benefits for your skin, hair, and lips and Lilly & Lola's moisturizers will be the perfect addition to your daily routine.

- Easy mist application
- Penetrates deeper layers of skin for long-lasting moisture
- Fast-absorbing formula for a silky feel
- High in Vitamin E & antioxidants for repairing

Oil Weight: Light;  Absorption: Quick (2-3 minutes)

Lilly & Lola products are 100% natural, scent-free and hydrate like no other. Conveniently bottled with a mist dispenser for quick application. A light, fast-absorbing body moisturizer to keep your skin soft and healthy every single day.

Size: 1.7oz (lasts 4-6 months depending on usage)
Ingredients: Various types of Coco Nucifera (coconut oil)
Directions: Spray lightly onto body and gently massage.

"I used to use cream on my arms and legs, but Lilly & Lola's Oil is so much faster to spray on after the shower and leaves my skin feeling like a baby's bottom!"  -Stephanie (Toronto, Canada)

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