Our Story

Have you ever had skin so dry that you needed to re-apply moisturizer all day long? We have. When people start to stare at your skin and wonder what is wrong - that's when we had enough. We scoured the beauty counters to find a solution. Nothing... until we discovered the hydrating effects of coconut oil. And lucky for us, it was also natural! A year in development, we studied all types of coconut oil to identify different properties found in each kind. Important criteria for our formulation: super hydrating, provides protection, lightweight with a high enough viscosity for coverage, and allows for convenient application. Combining serveral different types of coconut oils allowed us to formulate the optimal concoctions for your face, hair, lips and skin. 
Coconut oil made us feel more confident about our skin, and we hope it will help you worry less about your skin too.
Live Every Day Beautifully.